2 comments on “23 June 2006: Mackeral

  1. Howdo istallreet? We had a really nice sunset up north and the sunrise was a good one as well and I went out for a ride on my mountain bike round Pennington flash country park and what the sunrise on the top of an old slag heap that has been landscaped now a remainder of what Margaret Thatcher did to this country closing down all the coalmines and wrecking communities Leigh the town were I live is just getting over the devastation caused by the Conservatives but what the hell it was nice to whatch the sunrise looking towards Pen-nines with nice joint of some of my homemade afghan black all the best keep painting seethe Mark

  2. Allreet here ta. A few years ago we were thinking of moving north, looking at the Bacup, Rawtenstall, Todmorden, and surrounding areas. Very Hilly, and scenic in places, there were places where I could here the mushies singing to me…lol. I’ve done a bit of paper stretching, so when I get a bit of quiet time I’ll give the painting a go.

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