3 comments on “A drive through Chipping Sodbury

  1. Howdo? I think that I road through Chipping Sodbury years ago not sure there are chipping this an that all over that part of the country but the Cotswolds is a lovely part of the country I spent the long hot sumer of 1976 on a house boat somewhere near Stowd I was only 9 but I remember going to bed and knowing that it would be a hot sunny day when I woke up and it was like that for weeks. You wos right about them clouds Friday night the sunset was awesome :)Take care Mark 🙂

  2. Sodbury is still as you describe. The old petrol pumps have sadly gone and the garage/motor shop is now Poppy’s Tea Rooms. Several of the other shops have changed hands but the town is still busy. We love it. Stephen (living in Horse Street)

    • Hi There, sorry I didn’t notice your comment, I haven’t been updating 360 for a while now. It has a new home on WordPress.
      I’ve spent more time in Chipping Sodbury over the past year or so. Dunkerley’s garages seem to be a thing of the past, and the odd pumps as you say have gone, but the tea rooms look good and inviting, still can’t put buying a gallon of paraffin out of my mind every time I pass.
      Lot’s of new shops on the high street.

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