5 comments on “Evening all

  1. Good to see you still around. I Hope all is OK with you. I’m looking forward to the pics. of the rainbow. I’m like a big kid with rainbows, I always run, OK stumble 🙂 to get my camera when I see one. I sed to have quite a few but lost them all when I updated the PC 😦 I’m just waiting now till I see some more.

  2. Oh dear, I think the photo is a little disappointing, as it was almost directly above there are no real reference points…except our soil stack! It was a very unusual rainbow though. It’s very hot and humid here today.

  3. Hey Jon, sorry for butting in but i saw on Jo’s blog you liked Honey pots, we have quite a lot of them, as my other half used to keep bees, and it seemed the thing to collect :o)take care grace

  4. Yes we had some really unusual clouds here last night as well, i stood a while on the balcony watching them develop into a wonderful deep red. The balcony isn’t really a balcony, just french windows with a wrought iron rail, we have one in the kitchen on the first floor and one on our top floor(we are 3 storey) in the study where we are now. When the weather is hot like now we open both sets of French windows which are on opposite sides of the house and you get the most amazing and welcome circulation of air,all the papers are blowing all over the place in the study at the moment.

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