3 comments on “Ice Halo

  1. Hi Jon, when did you develop an interest in clouds? I have just looked at the Cloud Appreciation Society website, i thought it was very interesting and rushed to the window to observe the sky but all i can see is blue, blue and more blue, a few seagulls circling the canal basin eager to pick off a fish or two (they are all close to the surface of the water due to the heat) and a couple of aircraft on their way to Birmigham airport!

  2. Hi Jo, I suppose my interest in clouds and weather generally goes back to childhood, lazy summer evenings gazing into the sky and letting my imagination run riot with the shapes. Then later as a teenager I had seriously considered studying meteorology at college, which is something that I would still like to do. I started taking lots of pictures recently wiht the thought that maybe I would use them to help with any paintings I do. sometime…

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