Cider I up, Landlord!!

From the Beeb,

“The researchers have found that English cider apples have high levels of “phenolic antioxidants” – linked to protection against strokes and cancer.”
Cider’s Health Benefits

It’s great to cook with as well, add it to stews, veggie or meat, best to use the real thing though, a good ‘live’ cider.

How about Onion soup with cider and stilton …..
Soup, Cider, Beeb Recipe pages

Edit: And finally, the NACM website

A bit of Moosic!

I’m going to have a go at embedding some video, it looks straightforward, hope I don’t mess it up.

Fliss bought me a CD the other day, I’ve often gone on about Slade and how great they were live, and how I’d like ‘Slade Alive’ from 1972. Well when I managed to save it from the masses of shrink wrap, (why is that stuff so hard to get through!!) I find that not only is it Slave Alive vol1, but also vol.2 (’78)and Slade on stage (82) and …phew Alive at Reading (’80).

Anyway, on the first Slade Alive is a cover version of a John Sebastian song, “Darling Be Home Soon”, which is rather tasty to say the least. Here’s a clip from 1972 found on Youtube,

So much for a Summer heat wave

Where’s the sun gone!!

All the predictions that we would have a ’76 type summer heat wave have been woefully wrong. Not that I mind, I don’t think I could stand soaring temperatures, but it has actually been quite chilly at times, and so grey and dismal with it. Maybe it’s my mood affecting the weather .. I’ll try and smile all day and see if that helps….

I suppose Rovers holding Luton Town to a 1-1 draw in the league cup has to be viewed as a good result, even though they then lost 5-3 on penalties. Now, if only their league form could improve, then maybe the sun would come out….


I saw one today! At first I thought it was a visual anomaly, a blip or a blimp of the visual apparatus, but no! it really was a dragonfly, we are not close to any water ways, and apparently dragonflies do travel quite far, whereas damselflies never fly that far from water.
Anyway it intrigued me enough to look for further info, where I found the above tidbit,
here ’tis,

British Dragonfly Society

Trip Out – to the seaside

Burnham-On-Sea, is by the seaside Image
It’s a nice trip down the A38 from Bristol across or skirting around the Mendip Hills, and it’s a gorgeous drive, I could lose myself on the way .. easily
Anyway, it was a bit overcast and the Tide was well on the way to being out, and if you know that area well, you’ll know that it goes out a long way!! But it was worth every second.
Bought some scrumpilydumpilylicious fudge, and took some photos of seaweed, all in all a grand day out..

05 August 2006

I’ve had a quietish week, so not much to talk about,

School Holidays, my lads are of an age where they like to entertain themselves most of the time, their lives have become quite a social whirl. They are having Lan games here from time to time, playing “Age Of Empires”, so computer time isn’t my own for the moment.

I had to go for a Bronchial challenge at the Hosp, that wasn’t very nice, but has been quite indicative, so in the long run things should get better.

I’ve also set up a Frappr group for HNPP_UK, although we have a Yahoo group it has limited functionality and is a private group. My intention is to keep the frappr group Public, although if spamming activity starts I suppose some moderation might be necessary.

If there’s anyone with HNPP reading this and wondering what on earth I’m talking about, see here,

Hnpp_uk Frappr group

Ah Football, and Motor Racing, a good weekend for the armchair sportsfan..