8 comments on “Grandpa Ott makes an appearance

  1. Show off !thats so pretty, and its not all blurred, like mine ,lol.
    Huge leaves too. I shall have to try them next year Jon, hope you are o.k.? grace

  2. Very nice! I’m all for slug resisitant plants and things that snails don’t go for either! During one evening on a “snail hunt” I collected 38 and our garden is tiny! jo

  3. Grace, the leaves and stems are much stronger and bigger than the heavenly blues which are quite delicate in comparison, which maybe why they’re prone to slug (and snail) attack. The Flowers aren’t quite as big as Heavenly blue, but there’s always lots of them, and they’ll come up every year if you let them.
    Jo, ever thought of running your own snail farm? Free-range!! I’ve heard snail porridge is quite a delicacy … that should scare them off …

  4. Hmm free range snails? Do you think there’s a market out there for them? They certainly seem to flourish in my small plot!

  5. I have just read the article, snail recipes sound quite vile, especially the snail eggs that pop in your mouth! Don’t think I’ll be visiting Heston Blumenthals restaurant! Not my idea of gastronomic delight!

  6. Hi there…found your site on my tracking device… you know about HNPP? I haven’t really found anyone who does. Are you able to become a member of Xanga.com from the U.K? You should try it and then you’d be able to get to my xanga site and we could chat. Hope it’s ok that I’m commenting on your site…take care!

  7. Hi K, I’ll try out Xanga, I’ve got so many blogs on the go one more wont hurt… lol In the mean time look on the Frappr site, there are a few of us there, and its a public site, well some parts are, like the forum and the front page chat box. please join if you wish to, then you’ll be able to PM the others.

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