3 comments on “So much for a Summer heat wave

  1. Hi Jon, we were only saying yesterday what the weather people said “August is going to be hotter than July”I for one am glad its not.BUT its making me depressed now, I don’t know about you?
    And as for football, dont everyone beat luton?they are a bit like Norwich lol

  2. Jon, the sun is over here in Oklahoma and I would be glad to send it back your way. lol With temps of 102-108 degrees daily for over a month, 98 degrees is now feeling quite nice. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. Best of wishes to you!

  3. Nite Owl, Youch! 102-108 degrees, that sounds far too hot for comfort!! We could do with a degree or two extra here, such a shame we can’t send it by email…

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