4 comments on “Family History

  1. Hi Jon glad you are getting on with it , its fun to see where you originate from, isn’t it.
    I keep wanting to do my side of the family, Keiths side so far goes back to 1800’s .My dads family came from Cheshire, my mums from Suffolk…..hey we might be related lol…now that scared ya! take care, and dont forget I will look if you want

  2. Jon, looks like you have a wonderful family. I’ll bet you could share a special story about each one of them. Your Mom looks so sweet! Family history is fascinating; I’ve done a little research on my own but have come pretty much to a dead end when I got to the American Indians in our lineage. They are all but impossible to trace if the weren’t issued roll numbers. Found no one famous, however I did discover my grandfather was a bootlegger back in his younger years. lol Good luck in your search!

  3. Looking back in time is fascinating, I also managed to get back to the early 1800’s and maybe a little bit before, with family who were mainly weavers and coal miners in West Yorkshire. Was helped by a page from the family bible. good luck. jo h

  4. Grace, Nite, and Jo,
    I’ve been very lucky with my maternal grandmothers family. It’s just the luck of when the census falls with major life changes, luckily I found links back to 1790’s. Then I got really lucky and found a second cousin once removed, who has traced them back to the mid 1600’s, who also helped with some later history.
    The Suffolk line has got stuck in the mid 1800’s, in Debenham, not far from Aspall’s cider apple orchards by the looks of things, lol.
    My father’s family are from Gloucestershire, not that far from the Ridlers, probably weavers or cloth merchants as well. 1790’s. Some Cider connections here too, with links to Chedzoy, Somerset.
    Then there’s the Welsh connection, and it gets a bit difficult to say the least. I think I’ve found the right area…. Well … I’ve found a Cider house!

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