Old Maps

I’m still plodding on with the genealogy. Progress slows up considerably after a while.
I’ve always had a fascination for maps, and being able to use multimap and google earth and the rest, has made searching for ancestors and the areas in which they lived, come alive.

I had seen various links to old-maps on the GENUKI website, but seldom do the seem to work.

However the maps at OLD-MAPS seem to be fully functional.

I am now searching the welsh borders for traces of my paternal grandmothers family, and I think they lived near LLANDDEWI SKIRRID in monmouthshire. It’s a wicked looking place, and in an earlier time I would have bitten off my arm to go rambling and walking in the Hills. Nowadays, I’ll have to be content with studying maps and photos. Oh the joys of the internet.

The last link Abergavenny walks on Skirrid Fawr (Holy Mountain)


Well it has been raining, yesterday was such a wet day, good steady rain for the most part.

This morning I was up early. Matt, my son, was getting ready to go for a weekend of Urban airsofting. He’s got a long drive, to Peterborough. Has just bought a new (old) car. His bike is off the road after a collision with a car, he was badly bruised but OK. the car driver was at fault.

Anyway, that is dragging me away from the rainbow. (I’m trying to remember some Steve Hillage lyrics about rainbows, but there’s too much static, I will therefore be recalibrating the tuner! lol )

Well the sun is now shining and the clouds parting, which is as good as any pot of gold.. toodlepip


I’ve always been a bit of a science fiction nut, ever since being abducted by aliens as a 7 year old (ah well it was only a dream). I didnt see much of the new Doctor who, just an episode of the Ecclestone incarnation and one of the Tennant episodes.
I have though seen the first few episodes of Torchwood, and so far I’m fairly hooked. Episode 3 (the ghostie one) was particularly good.

I’m just warming up the oil and herbs for the roast potatoes, so I mustn’t doodle about too long.

Another Red Sky

Like many in the Uk, we had a glorious sunset last night, my camera over does the red a bit, but it was quite a spectacular sky nonetheless.

One of the most annoying losses with my Hard disk crash last week, was nearly all the photos I had taken in the last six months. I must use the yahoo photo archive more often…

Here’s a link to a Suffolk cam pics page I found this morning. I still think Debenham church looks like a cake.

Suffolk Cam

The Cotswold Way

Wish I had a decent pic to put up for this post… Ah I know the ‘public’ CS pic will do.

In the distance on top of the Hill is a line of trees, which we always used to call the Wagon and Horses. This is the Hill fort spoken about on my previous post on CS.

Here’s some more tidbits of info about the hillforts on the Cotswold way,

Iron Age Hill Forts

There are some good pics of the Little Sodbury Hill fort HERE

and some good walks here –  Tormarton to Dursley

Tormarton being the village where my Grandfather lived. He was the village carpenter.

Finally back to Family histories, my son was telling me about a website which gives regional breakdown of Surnames, and I think this is the one

Surnames by region


Weavers United

For English O’level, I had to read Silas Marner, George Elliot. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic, not being a particularly good reader. I might well read it again, now that I have discovered that many of my Ridler ancestors were weavers, it might have more resonance.
My English Teacher came from a village near Slad, which is not that far from Bisley, so would have no doubt known of the weaving trade in that area during the 18th and 19th centuries.
He was a good goalkeeper by all accounts, and used to play village cricket. Slad being the home of Laurie lee, “Cider with Rosie” fame, it was rumoured that they knew each other. We read “Cider with Rosie” in his class as well.
Two books for my booklist.

Map of Bisley, Eastcombe, and Slad in close proximity

Still trying to recover

‘Puter is up and running, but of course minus the data for the past year … doh!!

Luckily Fliss has been keeping all her data on family history on the Websites, GenesReU and Ancestry, so she has not lost much at all. She has been researching the Boniface line, and has found BIG… thats the Boniface Internet Group, and can now trace history back to Henry VIII’s time…

Her Grandad was involved in the story of “The One that Got Away”, about a german pilot shot down over England during the Battle of Britain. And if anyone ever sees the film, Alec McCowen plays his part in the story.

My Durham links were mistaken, I think, and more likely the Gilbert’s were from … Dada … Sibton Suffolk… Not far from the Hammond’s at Debenham. One of these days I’ll get around to writing this all up … maybe  by hand, I’m not sure I trust my PC quite yet….