7 comments on “Rrrrrrainbow!

  1. Cool rainbow. 🙂

    Sorry to hear your son was hurt, but glad to know he will be OK.

    Nice sunset down there too, btw.

    Take care.

  2. Grace, thanks for the link, it’s funny to see it all online…lol … The song I was thinking of is on Fish Rising… probably around the seven minute mark… By eck! A 16 minute song … those were the days!!


    The description is right on the button with the “…lyrics are chock-full of hippie-dippy sentiment” yep they got that right..

  3. Thanks Suzy, yes he’s fine now, he was quite lucky to get away with just bruises. Driving on todays congested roads is quite dangerous. I’m pleased he’s back in the car for the time being.

  4. Jon, I’m so glad your son is OK. Your rainbow is beautiful-something we just don’t see in our skies often enough!

  5. yes we also had a rainbow at more or less the same time as you but when i returned with the camera it had gone. No pot of gold for anyone local I think! Yours is very beautiful, i think ours was accentuated by pollution which is a shame!! Glad your son was OK,my husband was involved in a nasty accident many years ago when his motorbike collided with a car which hit him and which then left the scene, he was off work with several fractures for many months and he didn’t travel by 2 wheels again after that. jo h

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