5 comments on “All together now!

  1. lovely to see you all:o) Jon I hope you are ok, and I hope you have a most wonderful new year, I am off to Hospital on the 4th for a little opp on my hand and I hope you will keep blogging so I will have lots to look at when I get home :o)Love to your family :o)

  2. Hello Jon, lovely photo of your family, my 13 year old son, soon to be 14 has dyed his hair jet black andis asking me if it is “painful” to get his ears pierced? He also wants to know if i have heard of Iggy Pop ha ha heard of him ? I saw him perform in Bristol actually in 1980!!

  3. I have been so busy and am late coming for this visit to your blog; sorrrrrry!!!! Now look at that; what a grand photo for sure! And what a great family you are and no doubt about it!
    Thanks very much; it’s lovely to meet you all via the magic of the 360 neighbourhood!
    Take care, love Tash

  4. Lol, well it didnt last long, they didn’t hang around for New Year, all out Partying, which is good, It shows that they’re growing up. So it was a quiet New Year for me, time to move at my own pace….bliss!
    Hope you’ll had a good one.
    Jo, ooo. I bet that was a good concert. He had that great album out at that time, the one with ‘passenger’ and ‘lust for life’ …. must have been 80 or 81. I’m having to put up with Coldplay and Iron Maiden from my boys …. Doh! ..How did that happen … I retreat to the kitchen to listen the Buzzcocks, or similar antidote!

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