3 comments on “Stairway to Devon

  1. I bet thats lovely in summer Jon there are a lot of disused lines being used the same. Have a happy new year , you and your family :o)

  2. You know, I’ve an awful strong tug when it comes to England; always have! Some pertinent points:
    * ALL my dearest friends have come from United Kingdom!
    * In ’71, when I stepped off the plane, I felt an immediate connection; and like ‘I’ve been here before’!
    * I ended up married to an Irishman!!!
    Hope you have a lovely day…

  3. It’s a haven for wildlife, and is a great place to walk … mostly … My boys have all said that they have seen Badgers. Matthew actually came face to face with one at the top of the road where it joins the cycle track, I dont think he could believe his eyes at first. He assures me he hadn’t had a skin full.

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