6 comments on “Entry for 16 January 2007: What have we done!

  1. that’s the way it is here in Virginia, too. It’s been recording breaking highs for this time of year, and it seems all the rest of the country is having record snowfalls, or lows in areas that don’t normally have winter temperatures! And, i love snow (though I don’t really want 3 feet of it at once like some are getting).
    I have trees budding out already and spring flowers trying to come up and bloom. I’m hoping that everything doesn’t come out and then we have a hard freezing spell, killing all the leaves of the trees. We were wondering what kind of summer would it be if none of the trees had leaves (I’m seeing spontaneous fires!).

  2. It’s sooo cold where I am, here in the Carolinas now. Expecting ice-storms I guess. Time to run to Wal-Mart. Hope you are keeping warm!

  3. We’re in for a cold snap. The wind is in the east, and at a fair few knots too, which is always cold this time of year, it comes in across the North sea either from the arctic or Siberia. Snow has been forecast for much of the country. Brrr!

  4. we had a wintery mix storm yesterday, though my area didn’t get much accumulation (thank goodness-i want snow-not ice!) today’s supposed to be back in the high 40’s or even maybe low 50’s. Still quite a mild winter so far. I noticed Saturday my roses were starting to sprout leaves all over again.

  5. Well it’s ROASTING over here in Sydney too awful for words (like living in a sauna non stop… the weather has certainly been weird and seasons: what are they???? lol

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