3 comments on “Losers

  1. Hello Jon – I saw the highlights of the Chelsea Arsenal game. I agree with you that it was a bit of a storm in a teacup…I thought a much better game was Barcelona v Liverpool in the Champions League, I was impressed that Liverpool came away with a win; not many teams win at the NOU camp! By the way I am a Chelsea fan since 1969. I was far more impressed with the Chelsea team of the early 70’s than the present “money bags” team. Personally I think there is too much money, and too much hype in the premier league. I would love to see one of the lesser teams like, say either Newcastle or Bolton win the premier league.
    What team do you support? Would you like to join my friends’ list I’ve just come to 360, and would love to talk sports (or anything else for that matter!) so I’ll send you an invite.
    I’m Irish ~ I come from Cork…. currently living in Sydney (came out to Australia in ’79 and loved the sunshine!
    OK, look forward to catching up bye for now

  2. Hi Jim, it’s the return leg tonight for Liverpool. Fingers crossed. We follow the fortunes of Liverpool, but I’d hardly call myself a fan, a mini fan maybe. My local club is Bristol Rovers, who are down in hte depths of league two, although they are in the Final of the Johnsons Paint Trophy, against Doncaster Rovers. Bristol Rovers had to beat Bristol City to get there, so it was a sweet victory.

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