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In the last post, I was going to direct you all to the radio4 webpage. Yesterday… or was that the day before yesterday.. hmm I forget.. no thats it, it was yesterday, a programme about fermentation. Not just with yeasts, so there were other discussions on salami, cheeses, and beer. Salami?!….
The part on Beer tasting took place just a few minutes into the programme, it was several minutes of descriptive radio at it’s very best. Worth a second listen….

The Food Programme BBC Radio4

I first heard this on sunday, and following it was “Tracing Your Roots”

Radio4 Tracing Your Roots

There were quite a few links given out on this show, quite a good one for genealogists was the Ellis Island website. A useful website for trying to trace ancestors who emigrated to the US. I’m not sure of the exact dates, I will have to ‘listen again’ to the programme

Ellis Island Website

Entry for 27 March 2007

I listen to the radio a lot, I don’t watch TV much, which is a bit odd, considering I’m partially deaf.
I remember having a transistor radio, I think it may have been a six transistor radio, so in those days it was the smallest cheapest radio. It was AM only, with the long and medium wavebands, LW and MW. I used to try very hard to tune it into Radio Luxenbourg, 208. It would fade, crackle, squeek and whistle and occasionally a few seconds worth of the top ten would sneak through.
Earlier radio memories were of sunday dinners listening to the ‘Navy Lark’, or sunday mornings with the Archers, or even a bit of Mrs Dale’s Diary, whenever that was on.
The other day I heard a information Ad on Radio 5, I suppose a jingle, which was highlighting the new fangled Digital Radios and other digital streams as a way to listen to radio 5. Apparently a large percentage still listen on AM MW…. including me… I quite like it fading in and out occasionally, it’s not as if radio5 is high fidelity music, it’s just sport and news, I’m hoping they’ll leave it, but it’s likely to go ‘digital’ at some time. …… tisk…. no more tuned rf ‘crystal’ radio sets….. heck where will it all end!

Entry for 23 March 2007

No snow here last weekend, though it got bitterly cold if caught out in the high winds… … High winds – Terrapin Station… Fliss has been buying Grateful Dead CDs to replace the worn out vinyl…. with that little digression over back to snow (hey oh) …

I saw these clouds the other week, last week or was it this week… a few days ago perhaps. It’s snow falling from high altitude clouds, according to the CAS.

The tree that is so often in my sky pictures, is in our opposite neighbours garden…. it’s become the home of several bird families. The Blackbirds have been there for several years, and some years there have been two or three nests on the go, they tend to nest quite low down in the lower branches.
Then last year or maybe the one before, a couple of Pidgeons moved in, they nest just about in the middle, and carry away 12 inch twigs to nest build. They were back a few weeks ago building their nest, but in the last few days a couple of Magpies have been nest building in the higher reaches of the tree. They seem to drag off whole shed branches, sometimes 2 or 3 feet in length, they then have to fly in steps to get to the top.
I think there might be a bit of a barney when the pidgeons come back, it’s more exciting than Eastenders….


These Daffs were picked a few days ago. It’s the first year we have grown this particular type, and as the first one flowered so we had high winds and an icy blast. Daffs decided that lying down was their best option, that is until we picked them.

Clocks go forward soon… whoopee!

Back from a break

Well I’ve made it back to my 360. Thanks Jo, Grace, Mark, Tash, and everyone for your messages and well-wishes.

It’s been a funny couple of weeks, lots of changes to deal with, mostly for the better, thankfully. I did take a break from using my PC for a few weeks. I was becoming too involved and began to lose perspective. This wasn’t in relation to this 360, but with the online support groups I’ve been involved with. Perhaps just a little too involved, so it was good to get a break.

I’ve got a few photos to upload, it’s been gtting lighter in the evenings and there’s been a few good sunsets, and interesting skies…. so later… I’ll post some more