4 comments on “Entry for 23 March 2007

  1. gosh you lead an exciting life Jon lol:o)
    I like to watch the birds too lol my life is just the same ha ha ha . take care

  2. Sorry Mark, I was trying to reply to your comment and clicked delete by mistake… ahhh!!! Anyway, I agree with what you said… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Magpies turf all the other birds out.. The pidgeons seem to have left, the magpies get very defensive and aggresive when the pidgies are about. They seem to tolerate the blackbirds who are still about and nesting in the tree, maybe thats because they’re a potential meal later on…

  3. Mark, I’ve managed to recover a part of your comment…..

    Mark said, “I `v bin watching blue tits moving into my nest box But your magpies might make a meal of the black bird chick`s!”

    My hand eye coordination is pretty hopeless in the morning… tut .. thats a crap excuse but true…..

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