3 comments on “Goodnight Irene

  1. Hard luck pal! I will miss the millenium stadium it bin a good venue for Liverpool in the past few years! Saturday was an important win for us the 1st game in front of the new American owners who officially took control of the club last week there is an extended interview with the Americans on TV tonight they are going to announce the plans for the new stadium and an increase in capacity to 70.000 just to make the kop bigger after they experienced the atmosphere of the kop it is a very special atmosphere and I think that unlike the double glazing salesmen that used the banks money to buy MU Thea’s men seam to be real sports fans an are in awe of the traditions of the club and the fans and want to build on that. Now the only thing we have to go for this season is the champions league and I think that we have a real good chance and if we met the scum I mean MU in the final it would be absolutely awesome!

  2. It looks like the new ‘pool owners have done their homework, Rafa must have his eye on the ‘big one’…. with the good win at the weekend they must be favourites against PSV tonight… You’ll never walk alone is a great song, with some wicked chord changes. Between Rovers and Liverpool, I think we have the best songs in hte football league…..

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