3 comments on “Rags

  1. or a labradoodleippet :o) was a lovely dog Jon, shame he had problems. Bet he was hard to brush lol Hugsx

  2. What a cutie Rags was! Appears very loveable and full of fun. I must admit I’ve never seen a dog like him. It is a shame he had problems.

  3. i can see he was a wonderful, loving friend for you. i can’t imagine how painful the decision was for you to make. But certainly the most humane thing to do for a friend.
    I know what you mean about the expense designer dogs are now. I’ve a mini-schnauzer-she barely reaches the minimum height/weight to be considered a mini by the AKA and such. Nonetheless, she’s a registered salt/pepper. However, when we registered her, we noticed a gorgeous white mini-schnauzer also available, and the purchase price was the same. The seller kept pointing out how the whites were rare, etc, etc. I didn’t go into it w/the seller, but at the time we’d planned on breeding our dog, eventually, with someone else’s stud. (we changed our minds several months later). And, we knew the kennel associations wouldn’t recognize/allow registration of the white, and probably not allow pups sired by one. So, we brought home our little darling Rosie, and left the white.
    Since then, I’ve seen toys, and even teacup schnauzers, that look adorable and are twice the price-yet can’t be registered. It’s sort of weird like that.
    Of course, registration isn’t what makes your pet your loving friend and baby-it’s their personalities. My sons’ best pet/pet friend was a pound puppy.

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