Rovers, Bubbles, and more

Tom managed to get his ticket for the final at Wembley, and it turned out to be a day to remember. Rovers winning in style against Shrewbury Town, 3-1. The picture above was taken as 40,000 Gasheads queued up to get in. Tom tells me the Statue of Bobby Moore is huge, it certainly looks quite impressive.

The solar powered bubbler has come …. at last. Shame about the weather!! Still on the few sunny periods we’ve had it has been working quite well. I gave the pond some algae cleaner last night, and it is looking much better, and the fish seem far more active since the bubbler’s been bubblin’.

We’ve almost finished in the garden, the new turf is down, and the paths have been gravelled, giving that nice crunchy sound underfoot. There’s still some planting space, and there will always be the odd mistake, like the phalaris arundinacea which has turned out to be a favourite for all the cats in the area, including Cassie. It should grow fairly tall but at the rate it’s been chomped it won’t get much tall than a cat’s mouth from the ground.

Must dash……

Now on to Wembley

Wow, what an incredible night… I was listening to the first half commentary on Radio5 and Rovers were 2-0 up in 10 minutes… Tom was out, so I was calling him on his mobile with updates. 2-1 Lincoln got one back, and things were begining to sound nervy, Rovers scored another to make it 3-1, but it seemed that defensive mistakes on both sides were to blame. Another for lincoln just before half time… Tom came dashing in, to drag me off to the Pub to watch the second half.
Lincoln seemed really up for it in the second half, but on the whole it looked as if Rovers had the measure of them, and the speed of their counter attacks left Lincoln exposed at the back. Another 2 goals for Rovers and a consolation for Lincoln rounded off a 3-5 score line, with Rovers winning by 7-4 over the two legs.
The atmosphere in the Pub was electric, and several rousing choruses of ‘Goodnight Irene’ broke out after the Rovers goals.
So they’re off to Wembley for the play-off finals, either Shrewsbury Town or MK Dons Await them.
Tom has a ticket booked, so will get to see the Rovers at both the Millenium and Wembley in the same Season.

Cats, Ponds and Bubblers

Well, work on the garden has come to a halt, the weather has been too iffy to do anything. The pond has turned pea-soup green. We’ve been waiting for a water ‘bubbler’ to arrive, was ordered 4 weeks ago, now they tell us it will be another 2 weeks. Rather than fiddle about with electrics, we decided to try a solar powered bubbler. It seemed like a good idea, but obviously so did a lot of other people as they’ve sold out and are waiting for re-supply. Meanwhile the pond gets greener and greener.

We now have a Cat…. Cassie, an 11 month old kitty, grey and white. We got her from the Dogs home, they had picked her up as a stray. Nobody claimed her so we adopted. She’s wearing one of those rather fetching ‘lampshades’ to stop her pulling her stitches out.

She claimed her first slug last night, yuk… what a mess, i don’t think she liked the slime stuck to her paws….

Time to stock up on the catnip


I woke up this morning with this song running through my head. It’s kind of sad really, and to be honest I find it hard to listen to. I think it’s a song of days lost to the march of time.
I think I’ve always misheard many of the lyrics, but that is hardly surprising, and in someways adds to the enjoyment.

“Overheard a lark today, ‘oozing’ when my mind’s astray”

Anyway, here’s Dave Gilmour performing “Dominoes” by Syd Barrett.


At the weekend we had a trip out to a Garden Centre which also has an aquatic centre, a nice drive to boot…
we were looking for odds and ends for our mini-pond, actually it’s probably a micro-pond as it’s so small.
These Koi are huge, and mightily expensive, they were selling for 549 pounds each!!

Still it was a great day out for me, finishing off with a trip to chipping sodbury. I had a good walk around taking photos for my ancestral files. So all in all a good day out.

more later…..