3 comments on “Ratbag

  1. he he when I lived with parents, we used to leave the door open for our jack russell..Bobby. he chased one right into the lounge, imagine us women standing on the furniture :o)))) I hate them! glad you got it out!

  2. Milski is always bringing mice home she hasn’t got a rat yet but I have seen one in the trees at the back of my flat eating the fat balls put out for the birds and I`v seen her eying it up I hope she manages to catch the nasty little dirty rat! I have seen a few water voles lately as well she had better leave them alone or I will be telling her off and stop her supply of fresh prawns and tuna!

  3. Our cat , Millie has brought several back recently, some are enormous and truely grotesque! (all dead though, no live ones) We are getting quite adept at shovelling them into bags for disposal! Yuck!

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