4 comments on “One for the Morning Glory

  1. lol I snuck on here and saw you had your mg’s ;o) we have these ones with a dark stripe and white ones, I have a plant with huge leaves, and the flowers are still not big enough yet, But I hope that its a different colour ….take care Grace

  2. OOHHHH! I LOVE MORNING-GLORIES? Are they hard to grow and what time of year should they be planted? HUGS. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo

  3. If you can get some good seeds, then all that they need is about 12-24 hour soak in water, then plant individually in small pots, fibre pots are quite good. Keep moist and warm and they should grow to about 8 inches, if kept inside or in a sheltered place, for a few weeks. Start them off in spring, and plant out when the weather is warm. Slugs love them, and will readily eat young plants. Once the plant is established the slugs tend to leave them alone. Some of the other varieties, like Grandpa Ott’s, are quite hardy, and will self-seed each year, and easily survive the slug onslaught when they are young. Heavenly Blues need a bit of help.

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