4 comments on “All change Platform 360

  1. lots of us have gone to Multiply Jon and I will stick this out to the bitter end lol…I will miss 360! Take care

  2. I’m not sure I could manage another blog. I have one at opera community and also a livejournal blog. I’ll stick it out here until the change over, as I have some groups here at yahoo, so will have to maintain those… it could get interesting… and no doubt lots of gnashing of teeth… but I’m going to stick with it for now…

  3. yes indeed jon I have a place on the new yahoo mash network it`s bye invitation only at the moment and as I avent bin that clever for a few weeks I haven’t really bin online that much so avnt had a chance to get me yed round it yet but it looks pretty cool wiv more options to play around with the look of things and build up you page

  4. I’ll stick with it for now, but not sure how much I will post, I’ve lost several edits and comments today, it stretches the limits of my concentration, and for little result…

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