4 comments on “Entry for 17 December 2007

  1. lol I got on here first time but will my comment work?? hope you have a great christmas Jon, and may your new year be filled with love :o) I will copy and paste the url…I love pink Floyd

  2. Yes I also had a look at Multiply and started to set up a page but then like yourself didn’t feel motivated to continue with it so I deleted it. Hope you have a great Christmas Jon. jo-h

  3. I don’t think that 360 is doomed! yahoo set up mash I got an invite set up a page but its crap! and i had a go on multiply thts OK but i still prefer this place! and I will be chekin out the fink ployd site tanks jon!just goin for a walk on the grass hay ho!

  4. I am hoping that whatever Yahoo comes up with, it will simply be good ol’ 360, just tweaked a little. So many of us enjoy it. Can’t wait to see what the new site will be like, especially since we are beginning to have more problems in posting on 360. Like most everyone here I tried Multiply and quickly lost interest. Thanks for the Pink Floyd link…love em! Will check it out when I get home! Does Fliss have your tree decorated yet? Speaking of trees, no, my little “monster” so far hasn’t slept in our Christmas tree…lol Afraid she is too busy to sleep much. Seems to spend a lot of her time doing kitten karate on my back while I am trying to sleep during the day! lol

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