3 comments on “Entry for 01 July 2008

  1. She was quite thin, and has done not much else other than sleep since she came back. We took her to the Vet, just to check everything was ok, she seemed a bit wobbly on her feet at first. I think she may have ended up in a shed or outhouse for 7days, probably someone who went to Glastonbury, packed last week, Maisie got ito the shed which was then locked, and when the came back Monday, put away their camping stuff on tuesday morning and out pops Maisie. Luckily the weather hasn’t been that hot. If it had been a scorcher I don’t think she would have survived. Anyway, I’m so pleased she’s back.

  2. I’m so glad Maisie is back home, safe and sound. I think cats are just like children, only more worrisome at times, being the free spirits that they are…but ya gotta love ’em!

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