3 comments on “Entry for 02 November 2008

  1. hey Jon, how ya doing? Miss you being around, and we are mostly on multiply.com, they have started to give us the new thing lol might be the only thing… go look on their pages….Keith has been in hospital and we haven’t been out! so nothing to report!

  2. I agree with you, Jon. It is a shame that Yahoo has let such a good thing just fade away; with a little maintenance it could still be thriving. Afraid I haven’t been around much either, more for personal reasons. At any rate its good to hear from you; I often think of you and your family and wonder how you are doing. Best wishes to you!

  3. Hello there mate!!
    Wow it’s so right you are about it all… I’ve also got My space, Facebook (UK) and Multiply too…
    But I still prefer Yahoo 360!!
    I have another 360 but it’s not uk, and I don’t like it as much!!!
    Oh dear…. but when I realised this page that I had made for my hubby (who never really used it as such) was yahoo uk; I asked it I could have it and he said take it coz he never really got into it!!!
    I hope we can still come and blog a little or a lot for our favoured 360!!!
    Cheers mate I will probably access those links to yr other pages and let you know I’m there!

    TTFN Tasha

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