4 comments on “The Penny Black Remedy

  1. totally agree, saw these guys at the Dec 11th 2010 gig in (now closed down) Luminaire, Kilburn. one of the best live bands i’ve seen.

  2. Hi Danno, I can’t wait to see if they come to Bristol on their next tour, hopefully they will. Looking forward to the new album too.
    Such a shame all these small venues are shutting down, all we’ll be left with is stadium rock, not my idea of fun. About time there was another musical revolution to stir things up.

  3. Hello. Thanks for writing this post, very much appreciated. Larmer Tree is an amazing festival and we had a great time, hope to play there again this year..

    Leaf, we posted the link to this post on our Facebook page. You know, we’d love to come to Bristol, will let you know if we do. Also 2nd album is getting recorded this spring! TPBR xxxx

  4. Hi Steveo, that’s excellent news.
    Larmer tree was great, the weather was crazy on thursday night, thought we might not make it through friday. but the weather changed and friday evening was just perfect. Have got some great pictures of you on the painted stage. I’ll post them up sometime.
    Really like your 51 precision bass, looks really great in ‘mustard’ and black. I’m trying to persuade my son to buy one.

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